Insurance Inspections

We perform inspections required by insurance carriers in Florida.

4-Point Insurance Inspections

A four-point inspection focuses on four areas in a home: HVAC, Plumbing, Roof, and Electrical.

Citizens requires a four-point inspection for all property owner, dwelling and mobile home applications for properties more than 20 years old. A Florida-licensed inspector will check the home’s electrical system, plumbing, heating/cooling system (HVAC) and roof. The inspector must provide the age, type and condition of the wiring, heating and plumbing systems, and roof. Any serious hazards or deficiencies (such as exposed wiring, active leaks or evidence of leaks) should be repaired before an application for coverage is submitted.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Florida law requires insurance companies to offer their customers discounts and credits for existing building features and home improvements that reduce damage and loss from wind.

Wind mitigation inspection forms usually are valid for up to five years from the date of the inspection form. You may need a new form completed before this time if:

You make improvements to your home that may qualify for additional discounts, so that any qualifying discounts can be added to your policy. Examples of changes that may require a new inspection include:

Changes to the structure of your home or property, such as adding a room or replacing a roof

The addition of new wind-damage mitigation features for which you wish to receive additional policy discounts

You have insurance claims for certain types of damage to your home or property.

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